Can't get USB recognised in Citroen Boxer Motorhome

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Hi, can anyone help please? My husband has recently purchased a 2019 Citroen Boxer Motorhome that has a Uconnect 5 inch Radio Nav system installed. We would like to update the maps on this and, as I didn't have a USB stick drive available, I purchased a new 16GB USB 3.0 Verbatim Flash Drive. I put this drive into my computer and cleared all the files that it came with and then placed it in the van's USB port (which works for charging mobiles) but I cannot get the TomTom system to recognise it. The system keeps asking for a USB drive to be inserted? I removed and re-inserted. I tested the USB port for charging again. I had the ignition key switched to the first click so the satnav is powered but the engine isn't on. Any ideas please?