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Does my tom tom go basic have route recaliation just in case I cant go the way it tells me to get me back on route


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 911 [Revered Pioneer]
    it will automatically recalculate the route once you start driving on the deviated route for a while.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,214
    Hi @Colinjr

    Just to cover all basis on this you should note the following.

    If you create a route on your GO Basic and miss a turning the Device will immediately recalculate and provide a route to your destination, including via any waypoints involved, based on where you now are. This may involve a suggested route back to where you made the error or the best way to reach your destination or next waypoint via the road you are now on depending on what the best suggestion would be.

    If you create a Route in My Drive on your PC or a phone App and send the Destination, or Stops if you have included Waypoints, then the same routing arrangement as described above applies. This is because the Route created and sent is, as one produced on the device is, an .ITN files. An .ITN route will respond to Traffic data and the Routing Preferences set on the GO Basic if different to the one set in My Drive. Should you save an .ITN route on your GO Basic you will see that the Arrow at the side of the file name in My Routes has a solid shaft not a dashed line.

    If however you create a route in My Drive but save the route as a track to the My Routes folder in My Drive, Ie your account, then sync the route to your My Drive folder on the GO Basic then the situation is different. Firstly the File produced is a .GPX file (a Track) and is often called a Bread Crumb route and is like a route you have recorded and you are supposed to follow it exactly as produced.. This route is fixed and will not take any notice of Traffic data, and if you miss a turning will continually direct you back to the place where the error was made and not manage a new route to your destination, via waypoints if involved, from the road you have accidentally taken.. This will happen even if the road is blocked as it will still try to direct you through the blockage or if you miss a waypoint direct you back to it unless you amend the save route.

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