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Since the last iOS update, mydrive connect no longer works. Advice from TomTom is to use the phone's wifi hotspot or bluetooth tethering.
However, I do this, and the device does not seem to be able to connect to either TomTom updates or to the traffic services. When I connect to my home wifi, both services work fine. I suspect some kind of problem with my Mobile network provider (Three) where it is either not permitting connection to TomTom, or cannot route the connection.
Does anyone know how TomTom 520 connects to the traffic service (or updates), so I can pass this to my mobile provider to get them to check.


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    Hi there Tricky123 -

    Here is an excerpt posted by another forum contributor jures as a temporary fix end of January -

    If you pair gps with iphone without mydrive app traffic works flawlessly - perfectly!
    You can even install after mydrive app and use it for routing JUST DONT PAIR gps over the app!!!
    Traffic will still work, my drive routing will work, the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features (calls / sms) but thats not important on bike.

    Traffic and mydrive under ios works!!!!!
    - Delete app
    - Delete old BT pairings of gps
    - Connect gps to phone over bluetooth under standard way
    - Install app
    - DO NOT pair gps over the app
    - have personal hotspot on phone turned ON just for BT
    - DO NOT pair gps with wifi of this personal hotspot


    Problem is in the app (pairing through the app)

    I have tried this method and can confirm it does work.
    Well done jures!

    Good luck.