Difficulty in dealing with carpool and switch lanes

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In the Netherlands we have carpool and switch lanes at various locations. These are lanes that are open in one direction in the morning and in the other direction in the evening. Sometimes in heavy weather, such as snow and storm, these lanes are closed.

This situation is difficult for Tomtom, if not at all. This is unfortunate, because these lanes, in my case even two along the A1 to and from Amsterdam, benefit traffic flow. However, what is really annoying is that despite the fact that Tomtom is shown to be driving on these extra lanes, you are trying hard to turn around.

These lanes are available, are just a main road and at the end just end up on the, in my case, A9 and yet you are forced to turn around. And this at multiple (fixed) moments during the ride on these extra lanes.

I understand that it can be difficult, but I think this should/could also be solved. What can and will Tomtom do about this?


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    Hi @RicoK

    The functionality and technology required to collate this data are currently not available.

    Thanks for the elaborated explanation. I would not comment on when or could this feature be integrated but will add it anyways as an improvement request.