Blutooth connections will not work with Iphone XS Rider 500

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I blame myself.
I swore I would never buy another Tomtom device after all the problems getting My Rider 2013 to work again (eventually fixed, though it took months) but I went ahead and bought a new Rider 500 ...
Of course it will not correctly Bluetooth to my Iphone XS running 13.3.1. That means the principal reasons I upgraded to get:
Traffic, messages and communication will not work. It matters not if I use the App or do it direct.
Reading other threads, they say its a more efficient Bluetooth stack at fault and not them - not acceptable. They KNOW this "other" BT exists, make your devices work with it. Everyone else has.
Its yet another case of Tomtom shoving out basically shoddy devices and blaming someone else as they are not compatible.
EVERYTHING else I want to connect to works with the Iphone XS - everything except the one new Tomtom Rider purchase.
I guess I could send this back and buy what I ought to have done to start with, a Garmin Nuvo, (frankly the only reason I didn't was the thickness of the Nuvo cabling) - but as I have this all wired in now, is there even the faintest chance that TT will ever get their act together and make the device fit for purpose within my lifetime ?
I am of course on the latest software update on Iphone and on Rider.
I have tried the workarounds suggested in other similar complaint threads and no joy.
I can get traffic displayed on wifi (hotspot) but that does not fix the message and communication issues.
Why is it always a struggle with TT - even their damned website is full of error messages.
Not a happy bunny ...


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    Hi @Gettingfedupnow

    The same devices work perfectly with IOS12 its when you update to Apples new IOS13 you have the problem. Maybe something that Apple changed that maybe cannot be resolved by just changing the TT App unless you know otherwise..

    If you just do a Bluetooth connection without the App does the handsfree not stay connected leaving the Traffic to be picked up via Wifi.

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    Sadly not no.
    The handsfree to the phone refuses to connect from the Rider at all. I tried every permutation and no joy. I work in IT myself and I am very tech savvy but that does not extend to rewriting bluetooth coding on TT devices.
    I have multiple vehicles and no Bluetooth issues with any of them with my phone on IOS 13
    I have had to default to my old situation of syncing my phone directly to my helmet intercom. Not ideal at all. That means I see no notification of who calls of course and no notification of messages received.
    Maybe some can live without that, but I upgraded specifically to have that facility.
    If you are an Iphone user - and billions are in the world, you will be aware that software updates are very common. App updates are also a very regular occurance to keep up with the last and pending Apple security updates.
    Everyone else keeps up - Tomtom should be able to. They are supposed to be a big player ?
    I am incensed they still have not got their act together. It took months just to fix the Rider 2013's issues after the rollover and only then after the amateurs had already developed a working fix to further embarrass them.
    IOS 13 has been out for a while now. The bluetooth change has been on the cards for even longer.
    What the hell do their developers do ??
    They are very aware of the issues it seems - how about fixing them TT