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Spark 3 doesn't track just kick when swimming?


I've noticed that my Spark 3 is not tracking my lengths when I am just kicking (i.e. holding a float with my arms in front of me). Initially I thought it was because I wasn't pushing off strong enough (as I've noticed it sometimes doesn't count lengths when swimming normally because of that) but after doing a few lengths pushing off very strongly, they still didn't count. It looks like it might be due to my arms not moving? Anyone else found anything similar?

And yes - I know it isn't a swim specific watch so it isn't going to be perfect. But just curious if there is a way I can get it to count the lengths.



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  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,729
    How would it track just kicking when it is worn on your wrist and using an accelerometer? Your arms are not moving so as far as the watch is concerned, neither are you. The watch is designed to track swimming using your arms, not just kicking. It is simply not designed for that and no watch, specifically swimming or not, will be able to track your lengths and distance if you are only kicking.
  • elinormoonelinormoon Posts: 10 [Master Traveler]
    But what about when you turn around at the end of the length (& i take my hands off the float)? Surely the accelerator tracks that?

    The watch seems to both track number of strokes, and lengths. Or are you saying it just uses number of strokes to calculate when you have reached the end of the length? That doesn't seem quite right as depending how I'm swimming I do a different number of strokes each length, and when swimming normally it seems to correctly know when I'm starting a new length from pushing off. Therefore it should be able to know that I'm changing direction when just kicking?

  • elinormoonelinormoon Posts: 10 [Master Traveler]
    great thanks! I'll have a go at kicking off harder, but not that fussed, as you say you tend to use arms for swimming.
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