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Deleting a Map

tgoldtgold Posts: 2,187 [Revered Voyager]
It appears that a map can not be deleted unless both the phone is connected to data and also the map is first brought up to date. Is that a feature or a bug? Anyway this seems wasteful of mobile data.


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,394 Moderator
    edited February 2020
    Hi @tgold

    I was able to delete the map without the data connection. Since my maps were up to date, I couldn't replicate this. I'll check this with the team if it's intended behaviour or something else.

    Thanks, lampard
  • tgoldtgold Posts: 2,187 [Revered Voyager]
    Thanks. If you had no data connection then the app would not know whether your map was up to date. I will revisit this again and try to replicate the condition I found.
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,427
    Community Manager
    Hi @tgold

    The team has come back to us. I'm afraid you spotted a bug here.

    Thanks for bringing this up with us!
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