Download purchased map for Intellilink 5.0 built-in navigation system Opel Grandland X

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Hello community,

I made an order for Morocco's map, but I don't find how to download the map file for the built-in navigation system for my opel grandland x. The map I have includes only europe and it's a tomtom's. Could you help me with this please ?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Youness

    Looking at another Post on here relative to another Opel vehicle model it was said that they did not think you could add another map and that only the Europe map is a possibility.

    Have a look back here to see if @VikramK can advise on this and if it is no then you will need to sort out the map you have ordered.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @youness

    Welcome to the community!

    For the model Navi 80 IntelliLink we only support LIVE Services. Rest all the functionalities regarding the navigation and maps are provided by Opel

    Please contact our customer service to raise a refund request for the map.

  • Youness
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    Hi @VikramK,

    But I don't have a Navi 80, it's an IntelliLink 5.0 and it's the same as Nav Connect used for Peugeot it's just a naming question.

    However, thank you, and please how to contact the customer service as the chat robot is going to make me crazy !

    Thank you again both of you @VikramK and @DougLap