how do I restore the factory supplied default female voice for my XL IQ Routes Edition GPS?

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Plugged the GPS into my laptop and went to TomTom Home. It connected to the device and starting updating the software. Told me not to disconnect the device until it was done. When it completed, the default factory-installed female voice was gone. :/ Could someone please help me to get it back?
Thank you very much.


  • Lucify
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    Can you go to the voices sections under updates in tomtom home? All the available computer voices get offered for download there.
  • waltmitty
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    I am trying to add voices to my old TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition. Since it is out-of-date, I can only add voices that were saved on my laptop's hard drive, of which there is only 3. On my other GO 910 TomTom GPS there are 82 voices. I copied them from the GO 910 to my 'C:/.../Documents/TomTom/Home/FromDevice/' folder. In order for the XL IQ GPS to accept them, a . chk and a .vif file have to be included in a .zip file. I did that using 7zip. However, the TomTom did not recognize the .zip file that was created. It appears that the only difference between a working voice .zip file and the one created by 7zip is the fact that in the Characteristics column a UT appears in the TomTom created .zip file and an NTFS appears in the one created by 7zip. Is it possible to do with 7zip or some other compression program so that I can select from the complete voice library? Thank you very much.