Recent update corrupted map features in my TomTom Go 52

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The blue line indicator (that displays the route to destination) was removed in a recent update. I can no longer see my route or destination. All I see now is the next upcoming instruction, with no indication of the overall route. I need that indicator to compare with my own knowledge of streets and routes! The update also filled my maps with EV charging stations. I have no use for EV charginging stations and now they clutter my map. Can I turn the blue line indicator back on? Can I turn the EV charging station (and gas stations) off? Can a new update be provided to fix this? I'm ready to throw my TomTom in the trash and go back to Garvin over these 2 issues. Why would they run an update like this?

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    Thank you, It's working fine now.
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    Hi @Fixitman

    Glad you are sorted.