Can a rear view camera be connected to 2016 Aygo's Tomtom Sat Nav? (Connect Multimedia/Eclipse II)

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I have a 2016 Toyota Aygo, which has a 'Tomtom Connect Multimedia' fitted.
I need to install a rear view (a.k.a. backup) camera.
Can it be connected to the tomtom's display?
Were any other model fitted with this Sat Nav that had a rear camera option?

I put the model number into Tomtom's model number checker, and it says:
Your device is either a TomTom ECLIPSE II (AVN4429) or TomTom Toyota Aygo Connect Multimedia and updates through TomTom HOME.
Your device is fully supported through phone and email. You can also get help through our user forum and FAQs.

I looked up the manual here:

Which says: (on page 18)
Back eye camera
The view from the back eye camera on your car can be shown on your
TomTom navigation device. The back eye camera must be connected
properly and your navigation device must be docked in the car stereo.
To show the view from the back eye camera, press and hold the Screen button
on the car stereo until the back eye camera is shown. To switch back from the
back eye camera, press and immediately release the Screen button.

Nb - Their US version of the manual doesn't seem to mention a camera.

Any help/guidance much appreciated