Chinese voice is not supported

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Hello, I am from Taiwan. Since I am not good at English, the following contents are all using translation app, maybe the translation is wrong

As seen in the title, Chinese voice prompts are not supported. Before the updated version, I was able to use the voice function normally, but after the updated version, Chinese voice users can only select the alert sound in the warning prompt, and cannot use the voice. I tried to install other text-to-speech engines (TTS), but could n’t solve the problem. The app shows that the language is not supported. Not only I have this problem, all Chinese voice users have the same problem. There are many comments in Google play People mentioned the problem, can this be solved?


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    Unfortunately, since my problem cannot be solved, I am looking for an older version to use ...

    If the problem is solved, I will update the new version. Until then I will continue to use the old version. I love this app.