The POIs, created by me, do not appear on the mobile's map and thus, I cannot plan routes. — TomTom Community

The POIs, created by me, do not appear on the mobile's map and thus, I cannot plan routes.

onoono Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
Now I know that I can't put personal bmps into my TomTom Go Basic memory. And I know that I can create and enter, via MyDrive app, points of interest created by me, on my device. Then I can associate these points of interest with some symbols (a kind of colored balls). I find it absolutely normal for TomTom to design the device as a black box (prohibiting uncontrolled access to its software). And I also found that these symbols that I can attach to my own points of interest appear only on the device's map and do not appear on the smartphone's map. This is an impediment to MyDrive route planning (as opposed to favorite points, which also appear on the smartphone's map and allow route planning to them). And I also know the fact that version 19. * of TomTom software promises to let me build my own maps. And now, however clear, I ask the question: How can I build my own maps, which I can put those points of my own interest, which at present I can only find on the map from the device? Can these own maps be placed later on the smartphone, so that I can plan ahead the trip to my own point of interest-destination?
Or: how can I put my personal points of interest on my smartphone (MyDrive map)?

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  • onoono Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I apologize, I think I did not express myself correctly. When I updated software on the device, I realized that I can use custom maps, not made by myself, but as existing ones, I can add some signs or bmps. But I think I didn't get it right. The way to add POIs and Favorites is now clear and thank you for the answer.
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