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reactivate on temporary Apple

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HI all,

Forgot my Android phone while abroad and it will take 8 days for my phone to get send back to me. In the mean time I have an Apple to use and I wanted to activate my TomTom Go on this device.

Think we have 2 issues to take into account
- I bought my TomTom Go via Google Play
- the version I bought is for an Android version

What can I do to transfer my TomTom Go to my TomTom account and
what to do to get my paid version active on my temp iOS?

To get it active on my temp iOS phone I think I just need to get my TomTom Go version from my Google Play store to my TomTom account. So ........ how to do that.

And just noted that the Google Play version TomTom Go is € 19,99 while TomTom offers it for € 12.99 in the mobile app when you want to activate it. ;)


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  • Jan.Jan. Posts: 113 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanks for the answer @VikramK

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