Can not connect to internet and update maps!

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I am trying to start Tomtom connect in windows 10 but I only get information about that I am not connected to internet. Firefox works so I now that I am onnected. I am in Antugua and the network is slow.


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    what is the error in mydrive connect. can you log in to your account. you will need good internet speed for downloading updates.
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    Hello M2XA:

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    Are you referring to connecting the TomTom navigation device via Wi-Fi to the internet so that you can receive updated maps? If so, be aware that some of the map updates are really huge (multiple gigabytes), so you will need to have a fast and stable internet connection in order to successfully download them.

    If your home internet connection is slow, you might need to find somewhere else (a business, hotel, wherever) that has a really fast and stable connection connection in order to successfully complete the initial update. In addition to updated maps, the first time you connect a new device to the internet it will also download software updates.

    Perhaps try measuring the speed of your internet connection using or some similar speed-checking website. My guess is that you will need a minimum download speed greater than 2 megabytes per second in order to successfully complete that first update. If it helps you (for comparison purposes), I have a 15 mb/sec fibre optic connection, and it took just a little over half an hour to get the initial "out of box" updates done.

    Subsequent updates are much smaller and take less time.