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I've just replaced my old TomTom with a Go Basic, but there doesn't seem to be any way of adding additional voices to the settings...Is there any way round it, or is it a quirk of this model?

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    Hi Vikram
    I was afraid that would be the case - thanks for responding. I can't stand the computer voices so won't be adding any of those - thank you!

    A bit frustrated - if I'd known this was the case, I would've bought a different TomTom... it never occurred to me this would be a functionality that wasn't supported. Now it's too late and I'm stuck with it - I wish that had been highlighted somewhere... I know it's pathetic, but having my comedy voices made journeys more bearable. :/

    Thanks for confirming it though - appreciated.
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    Note that as far a functionality is concerned the computer voices are a far better experience. The computer voices read street names. So instead of Homer Simpson saying "Turn right in 200 metres", Serena will say "In 200 metres, turn right onto Springfield Court".