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When we open the screen go to why you dont add an ICON My Places ?. I think it will be useful.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,884
    Hi @Christian63

    When you Tap Menu and get the next screen which in your case seems to start with the Go To icon if you scroll to the My Places Icon then Press and hold the My Places icon for a second or so then little arrows appear at the bottom of the icon. If you Tap the left arrow now on the icon the icon will move left and if you Tap it often enough you can move the icon so that it will appear next to the Go To Icon. Now press the Arrow Top Right of the screen to return to the Map Screen.

    Now when you Tap Menu the first two Icons on the next page will be Go To and My Places.

    You can do this moving of the Icons for all Icons and reposition them to where they will be more useful.

    Alternatively if you:

    Tap Menu
    Tap Go To
    if you now start to enter a search the Righthand column under the Keyboard is searching your My Places. If after entering the first or more letters of a search you can then Tap the Blue Keyboard Icon bottom right and then you can see the search results in the 2 column. You can scroll down the righthand one which will be your My Places that meet search details you have entered so far.

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