TomTom Spark Cardio Music + Xiaomi Earbuds: how to change volume?

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Hello all,
I just bought a pair of Xiaomi Earbuds and they pair perfectly with my watch.
But, just for the sake of curiosity: how do I change volume?
The earbuds have only one button and on the watch there are no volume controls.
Luckily enough, I have a pair of sport earphones that have volume controls builti-in.
This is a design flaw, in my opinion. Not just for tomtom but for the Xiaomi earbuds (and all other "smart" earphones).


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    Volume is controlled by the earbuds, not the watch. The transmission protocols used to transmit the signal uses the earbuds to control volume, the watch is simply transmitting a set signal. The design flaw is with the earbuds, not the watch, although the earbuds are designed to be used with a phone, which has the ability to control volume, not a watch.