Floating panel behavior improvement suggestion

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Hi TomTom,
1. Currently floating panel is activated either by clicking on speedometer in full-screen mode or could be opened automatically on start-up (controlled in settings).

But when application is running in full screen and later gets minimized by clicking 'home' button or switching to another app - floating panel does not appear.
I would suggest to have floating panel activated automatically when application is minimized, no matter how.
If someone does not want floating panel to be displayed at all, probably a setting to disable it completely could be helpful as well.

2. Currently, when floating panel is active (application is minimized), when you click on the panel (speedometer), the button to restore the app to full-screen appears independently on the very bottom, which I find very inconvenient. Sometime (depending on the floating panel position) these two overlays could even overlap.
I would suggest changing this behavior - instead of displaying an independent overlay at the bottom, extend the main floating overlay, so whenever user clicks on floating speedometer, 'Open app' and 'Rotate' buttons appear right next to it


3. Going a bit forward, implementing floating PiP mode for the map display when application is minimized would be also great, similar to Google and some other Navi apps (configurable in settings)



  • VikramK
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    Hi @Dusha

    Thanks for sharing the detailed suggestion.

    The 1st and 2nd will surely improve the current app interface and working, the 3rd one is also interesting but need to see if it can be done differently.

    I will forward them all to our Apps team.

    Thank you,