Tomtom Amigo - intents support - automatiov with Tasker/Macrodroid

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Hello, wondering if, by accident, Amigo supports intents to open/close app?
I want to use Tasker to automate opening/closing Amigo, using intents



  • Oskar-2
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    The easiest way and the one I use already is

    Settings / "Automatic Start" (or so, since my language is German) / enable the option to start AmiGO by performing the (established) Bluetooth connection to my car (Mazda in this case).

    So intents for AmiGO are working already.
  • Dusha
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    Hi Oskar, this is not exactly what I've been asking about.
    Yes, I know there is a built-in automation available, but BT connection is the only trigger supported.

    I am using more complex scenarios / triggers and I do not want Amigo activated every time I am connected to BT in my car.
    Imagine I want to start amigo automatically when I open 3rd party app (i.e. Google maps) - this is possible with Tasker 'launch app' action, but to close the app properly, either 'root' is needed ('kill app' action) or android intent support from the original app (no root needed) - this is what I am asking Tomtom about.
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    I use Automagic (Tasker alternative). Using that app, I can launch Amigo and close it reliably by actioning the Close button in Amigo's notification. So not using intents, but programically nonetheless