POI addresses for UK locations with possibly foreign/weird addresses

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I have a 500 which I keep updated on a regular basis. I noticed a few days ago that when I chose a route to a car park in a nearby town the address shown under the name of the car park was unreadable. The address contains foreign letters, numbers and is maybe 50 or 60 characters long with no spaces. I can't type an example because I don't have the characters on my keyboard (UK). The numbers in it look like jumbled corrupted phone numbers eg 33+)33+)33+)33+)33+)33+)33+)33+) and so on. I can drive to the car park ok no problem. The car park in question is in North Bar Street in Banbury UK but other POIs such as amusement parks show a similar problem.
Has anyone else got this problem because a friend of mine with a newer device than mine also has this?

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