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I gave the recent 'new look' Tomtom speed camera app a poor review on Google Play and was asked by Totom to explain it; here's why,
  1. No spoken massage for over speed now, just a beep.
  2. Cannot get the announcements over blue tooth connection, they work when testing but not when using.
  3. On speaker I get the over speed beep but no information otherwise, see next comment.
  4. Can't seem to get any information spoken by the app at all; do I need to set a route now?
  5. The warning of an oncoming issue is poor now, used to have a very good graphic to show this.
  6. In landscape the speedometer used to open out across the whole display, now only does half.
  7. Whats the thinking about adding a set of navigation maps? Google have navigation in spades,
I just want the old app back just as it was, is this possible? Would willingly pay for it as well.


  • F800
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    When I signed up for the beta version of Amigo I thought it was a navigation app. I didn't realise it was a replacement for the speed camera app. I think it needs to decide whether it is one or the other. But if it is going to cover both applications the nav function needs improving and you should be able to sync with routes you have planned on the tomtom route planner.
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    Maybe, they should just make two separate apps :bleep_bloop:
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    I want to start to use this app too.