When I display a route, petrol stations only showing on the wrong side of the road

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I created a route from central Manchester (UK) to the local airport which I will use in a few weeks. I'll be returning a rental car so I need to know where the filling stations are on the route. The route runs south and I can see two Shell filling stations marked with fuel pumps icons but they are on the west (wrong) side of the road. There is a BP filling station on Princess road which is on the correct side of the road and it's in the TT map database but it is not indicated on the route???


  • VikramK
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    Hi @coylemj

    Welcome to the community and sorry for the late response.

    Which is the current map installed on the device? Could you also share the exact locations for the route planning so we can try to reproduce this?

  • coylemj
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    Hi Vikram, I'm using the current version of UK and Ireland maps. The route is from central Manchester (junction of Hulme St. and Oxford Road) to the Ringway Road which is part of the local airport complex.