Charging station POI updates for GO 510

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Can anyone help please?
I have charging Station updates ready for my GO510, but has I do not have an electric car and have no intention of going that way for at least 5 years + is there away of deleting these updates?
Thanks in advance for your reply

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  • Bozhead
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    Thanks for your advice, I have hidden the Charging Points as @Lochfrass has suggested. And will give TT a call when I get back home.

    Thanks to you both for a quick response.
  • dmulv
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    It would be good to have the charging stations POIs as an 'opt-in' update, as they're a considerable size if you tick them by mistake for an update. This would also avoid the 'update is available' message when connecting to WiFi, for an update that you (along with 98% of other drivers) have no interest in.

    Not sure how this would be implemented though, as I'm not aware of a facility in the device or MyDrive Connect to select which updates are offered.
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    Excellent point dmulv. I have 'World Maps' and, I do travel widely, I do not drive, and probably will, never drive an electric car. BUT my account is continually being updated by charging point information -Worldwide! Memory drain and no relevance.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @jockandlyn

    If you want to stop getting the Charging Station Updates offered the you need to contact Customer Support and get them to change the settings for your unit on the TT servers.

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