Are the Tomtom proprietary hr sensors just as good as the Mio versions

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I recently picked up a Runner cardio on ebay with the Mio hr sensor and very impressed with accuracy and the watch in general. I use it for cycling even though it doesn't have a cycle specific function but the GPS data is the same anyway. If I chose to get the Spark 3 is there any difference between Tomtom's own sensor and the Mio. I've noticed a lot of refurbs on Ebay.

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    Can't answer your question, sorry. But wouldn't it be much more effective to compare the Runner Cardio with anything known as 'quite accurate' instead? A comparison of two devices (with higher +/- tolerances than any medical use device) couldn't tell the truth!

    As far as I know it's just the current model Apple watch so far meeting medical requirements to a certain extent at least.