LIVE Services connectivity

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When I get to Tap (network) my device just keeps trying to update. After several ours still nothing happens
What can I do??


  • Irene05
    Irene05 Registered Users Posts: 8
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    And when I try Connection status - this is "Interrupted"
    What else can I do?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Irene05

    Have you tried the troubleshooting advised here-

    If already tried I would recommend that you contact the customer service.

  • Irene05
    Irene05 Registered Users Posts: 8
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    I tried - stille doesn't work.
    I think every thing has been tried. Last year it was the same problem. 4 months without the services I'd paid for.
    last year it appeared to be a common problem and it was solved by a quick-fix.
    This year??? I don't now.
    I'm about to give up TomTom - I do not even get a refund this year for the missing live services I paid for
  • Kabachi7
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    TOMTOM Car GPS Model: 1605M - When in service, it always is in the Night-Time-Mode.
    How to switch back to Day-Time Mode? To make any correction in the
    "Brightness Option" did not help.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Kabachi7

    If you Tap Menu do you have an Icon Bottom Right with a moon in it which as you are in night time mode should not have a line through it.. If you tap it it will turn Night Colours Off and a line will appear in the Icon. There is a very odd bug with this icon in that you need to do this when in Daylight so the setting stays.So if you do it during Nightime and it returns tomorrow try aTapping it during the day.