Live services not getting activated Tomtom GO LIVE 820

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I have Tomtom GO LIVE 820 FWxxxxxxx63

its been more than 4 months since I activated the live services. I have contacted support, and done a hard reset/updated my device, still the live service is not getting enabled.

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  • YamFazMan
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    From the main menu
    Tap (Services)
    Tap (My Services)
    Check the valid to date status....
    Follow on screen prompts to exit

    From the main menu
    Tap (Settings)
    Right Cursor once for next page
    Tap (Connections)
    Tap (Network)
    What's your Connection status ???
    Follow on screen prompts to exit

  • VikramK
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    Hi @ArvindChakravarthy

    Welcome to the community!

    I have also sent a heads up to the customer services regarding the incident you have started. It should get picked up on a priority.