TomTom Go Mobile App for Android Note 9

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I have done everything i could find but it still does not work. While i was using it or was just opening it again to go to another location it would start and shut down repeately. Now after reinstalling and even after deleting cache. # Uninstall the app, log out of the Playstore.
# Delete Android / data / com.tomtom.gplay.navapp and Android / OBB / com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.
# Once done please close all the apps which are running in the background and reboot the phone.
# Open the Playstore login and reinstall. Reopen the TomTom app and test
Even had shut it down and removed my SD card even though it had always worked fine with it before till Friday. What is the problem all of a sudden. I use this and have TomTom Trucker and linked then together but now this quite which is very disappointing. I reinstalled it twice already, once with SC card then redid it all wiht it removed. I can install, give it all the rights which i verified in the app, too. But when you want to open it it just says loading and it will do it all night even and never gets done. I had it try to load all of last night. Help needed, Please!!!!!!!!!


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    Hi Daniel,

    Do you have any protection software running? Maybe try that. And maybe also try to run the Go Mobile app with all other apps closed, nothing running.