Colour Scheme Essential 6

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All of the possible colour schemes on my Essential 6" make it pretty difficult to see the route. There is no obvious scheme to make the route stand-out. Is it possible to have a scheme where the route is a nice bold red or blue (or any CLEAR colour)?


  • rider1rider
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    you can change the theme colour
    Select Settings in the Main Menu, then select Appearance. in my view the blue route line by default is highlighted enough to stand out. unless you have too much light through the windscreen that could impact the clarity of the screen

  • YamFazMan
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    Only the six Themes and Map Colour are available...
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Appearance --> Display --> Theme Colour....
    I have my GO devices Dashboard mounted and the top of the device tipped away from me about 10 degrees (To stop reflections) I do not have a problem with contrast or colour