TomTom Navigation - Reinstalling Older iPhone & iPad v1.29 Apps

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I previously purchased TomTom Navigation through the Apple Store, and need to reinstall them on my older iPhone and iPad. There used to be a URL which listed the download links, which doesn’t seem to work anymore:

I bought quite a number of these maps over the years; iOS lists them as v1.29.

US - Canada
US - Mexico
Argentina - UR
Middle East
S. Africa
S.E. Asia
Hong Kong
New Zealand

It’d be great to have the download links available again.

Does anyone have an alternate link?


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    A link to re - download them would be highly appreciated...
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    This is what happens with the old link.
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    I am looking the Iberian one.
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Community! The old navigation app is the end of life and not available for download anymore. With the release of our 3rd generation navigation app - TomTom GO Navigation - we can no longer migrate users from our 1st gen app: The Navigation app for iPhone. This app has been discontinued since quite some time so is expected to stop working any time even if still installed.

    The topic above is archived and hence, it's giving you the permission error.

    Regards, lampard

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    I understand it's archived, but is there any way you could make the contents of that thread available to us?
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    Ains wrote: »
    It's taken until now for TT to make the new app even close to the old one. You'll still be a little frustrated when you move, I suspect, but the latest version and updates have, at last, tackled most of the fundamental operational issues.

    Quoted from another somewhat old thread, I know.


    I started using TomTom around ~ 2006 or 2007, with the incredibly heavy TomTom GO 910. I unhesitatingly paid a hefty ~ $900 at the now - defunct Circuit City due to the fact that I only had 30 hours of actual driving experience in a foreign country, was unfamiliar with where I was, and was basically scared stiff of my newfound situation.


    Subsequent to that, I used their ported Windows Mobile platform on a HP iPAQ hx4700,...


    ...a Fujitsu - Siemens Pocket Loox T800,...


    ...a Motorola MC70...


    ...and an MC75 (yeah, they look alike save for the larger antenna!).


    Imagine my relief when the platform was available for the iPhone!

    I'm somewhat saddened that the legacy applications have been discontinued, and "made unavailable for download," as I have depended on this application and have naturally become quite attached to it after more than a decade of use.

    Would most of you give TomTom's current app a "pass," or a "fail?"
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    The legacy apps apparently work with iOS 13, too!