Recent update of TomTom GO for iPhone removed my paid unlimmited navigation

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Some years ago, I bought the TomTom GO app for iPhone. This purchase gave me unlimited navigation until July 29, 2020. Not long ago, there was an update in the apps store, which was installed automatically - and now the rest of my unlimited navigation, which I have paid for, is gone.

How can I get that back - and how can anybody actually get in contact with support or customer service at TomTom? They don't seem to be interested in being contacted - no phone numbers, no email addresses. I hope someone reads this.

Poul Hviid


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    Hi @Poul_Hviid

    Welcome to the Community! I believe you're using the new GO Navigation App? The subscription on your account is still valid till July 2020, are you sure you're using the same email address on your iOS device(iTunes account)? When you open the app, do you see an option to restore the purchases?

    Can you please go to Main Menu> Settings> Subscriptions screen and check if you're able to see the 'Active until' date under it?

    Regards, lampard
  • Poul_Hviid
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    Thanks for answering. Yes my iTunes email is still the same, and no, I did not see an option to restore my purchase.

    In the menu>settings>subscription details I see this text (translated from Danish):

    Unlimited navigation migrated from GO Mobile - active until 21.02.2020 followed by information about how to renew the subscription. (see IMG01)

    In the old version of the app, I had paid for a subscription valid until 29.07.2020 (see attached IMG02)

    Rgds. Poul