Start 52 (Route 66 use) ?

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Good Morning All,

I have a Tom Tom Start 52 which I bought and use in the UK.

Does any one know if I can get this updated so that I can use on a planned Route 66 trip later this year?

Many thanks,

Howie Cheetham


  • VikramK
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    Hi Howie,

    Welcome to the community!

    Your devices come with pre-installed Europe maps but you can buy a US map on our webshop. Download it using the MyDrive Connect application.

    Map Webshop

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    Hi @Howie_1102

    You will need to add a Micro Sd Class 10 memory card as the US map will not fit on the Internal memory with the Europe map if that is where it is..

    If you are already using a Micro Sd Card because the Europe map has increased in size then it will depend on what size it is if you want to fit the USA map on it as well. If you have no map on the internal memory then you cannot take the existing card out to fit a bigger one as the device will not start without a map on it.

    You can look at replacing your current Europe Map by loading a smaller map of Europe. Click on the Map shown in My Drive Connect My Maps and see if there is a smaller map Zone that you can download to replace your existing map.

    If you are fitting a new card I would suggest a 16gb or maximum 32gb memory card from a branded maker such as Sandisk or Samsung etc from a reliable source to avoid fakes.