Tom Tom changes destination during journey

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Last few months I have found that Tom Tom go changes my destination during a journey. This has happened several times. As an example today I set the destination as Hitchin. As I approached Hitchin Tom Tom sent me in the wrong direction away from the town centre. When I looked at where it was sending me it was Old Park Road Offley(about a mile away). I had never heard of Offley so knew I hadn’t done it. When I looked in Recent Destinations the top entry was, sure enough, Hitchin.

As I said this is not the first time this has happened. What on earth is going on?


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    Hi @Superhoops

    Sorry for my late reply...

    To try and see if the issue is related to the application or the map I will need some information.

    1. Are you using a city name as your destination or is there is a location address saved?
    2. If it is the city could you provide us with more examples of these?
    3. Also, we would require the start point of your address to be able to test and reproduce it.

    Thank you,
    Vikram :)
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    Hi @Superhoops @VikramK

    Firstly the same search for Hitchin on the Tomtom PND's gives the same position result ie Old Park Road. I also note that entering Hitchin in Google Earth search pinpoints a position about 100 yards NNW of Tomtom's position thereby confirming the general location..

    It is being suggested by @superhoops that he considers the Old Park Road position is in Offley. Firstly a search for Offley in Google Earth offers 2 results namely Offley and Great Offley and these results are both positioned SW of Hitchen in the Great Offley area. Offley Parish Councils description of its history seems to centre Offley around where Google Earth places it ie just N of Great Offley.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    This has happened a few times to me now. I visit 3 or 4 addresses every day and if I know where the road I am going to is I generally just enter town name to be quick.
    1. Yes I just entered Hitchin as a destination thinking it would take me to roughly the town centre.
    2. Can’t recall other examples at the moment as I visit many different towns but has happened a few times in last few weeks.
    3. 3. My start point was Ware

    As I came to Hitchin town centre Tomtom directed me away from it, I think it said around three quarters of a mile but I’m not entirely sure now.

    DougLap the reason I considered Offle was where it was taking me to was because that was what it said my destination will be when I tapped on directions