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Please return the option to download entire continents in once

The biggest pro about TomTom was the ability to download entire continents in one click. And update them in one click.

The process right now, and I've added stopwatch times:
- Click downloaded maps: 10 seconds loading time
- Click Europe: 1 second loading time
- Click Add: 1 minute and 45 seconds (!!!!!!!) loading time
- Click all the checkmarks: 15 seconds
- Go into each countries submenu and click all sections: 3 minutes (!!!!!!!) in loading time and clicking all checkmarks

That's over 7 minutes to configure the maps for Europe. I have to do this for all continents that I travel on.

It used to be something like: Click Europe, click download, wait for download, done. Much easier and faster. Something that took me maybe 30 seconds in the past now takes almost half an hour. This is insanity. I don't know how this passed your head of UX.

Please restore this functionality if you want tor retain me as a customer. If you sent me a custom APK with the old functionality that is also OK.


  • SmuldersSmulders Posts: 6 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Everything is downloaded to my device. Now on to installing all the maps. I clicked "Install" on Armenia, the smallest map in Europe. It took 16 minutes! I wish I was kidding.

    At this speed it would take a full day what would normally take maybe 30 seconds. How did this pass beta testing?
  • schneidernetschneidernet Posts: 269 [Exalted Navigator]
    I hear you brother. 56 clicks for USA.
  • SmuldersSmulders Posts: 6 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I opened the app today. Had to manually install around 30 updates for various countries. For countries with multiple maps I had to go into the countries submenu and click update on all parts. Total process around 10 minutes for checking/downloading/updating/installing.

    But I don't have Germany. When I zoom in it doesn't show any roads. Good thing I checked before going on a road trip! Kinda scary that you think you've downloaded all maps but it turns out you didn't. Of all multi-part maps only Italy downloaded successfully.

    When I go to Downloaded Maps > Europe > Edit I don't see Germany. When I go for Downloaded Maps > Europe > Add > Germany it loads for 5 minutes and 38 seconds and then I can finally check all parts of the map and click Download. The 619 megabyte downloads in 5 minutes and 28 seconds (15mbit out of 50 mbit available) and then installs in 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Checking if the maps are up to date (happens automatically) took around 53 seconds. So around 15 minutes to install Germany onto the device. Now let's do France...

    Please please please fix this. Just add a "Download all" or "Update all" button. And make it more robust so that I don't have to double-check if all countries are installed.
  • DancingBadgerDancingBadger Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I just got updated to v2.2.1 and had a similar experience installing maps. I installed the update last night and it all seemed ok, but then I realised that it had almost filled my phone memory with the maps.

    So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to get it to download the maps to my nearly empty SD card. It seemed ok at first, and was actually quicker than the old version, but it didn't install all the requested maps - it downloaded the UK (where I live), but failed to update most of France, half of Germany and all of Belgium and the Netherlands. When I try to add the missing areas it flashes away saying it's updating and then tells me update not found, please try again.

    What's worse is that if you're not watching when the warning pops up it disappears after a few seconds and then the app just reports that everything is up to date. You only find out half your maps are missing if you zoom out and look, or if you try to plan a route to somewhere that's failed to update. Fortunately I'm not going into Europe for a while but if I was about to set out on a trip I'd be in trouble. I've emailed support for advice as the chat function on TomTom's website also seems to be broken. Unless somebody here can shed any light.

    I don't use the My Routes functionality so wasn't expecting the kind of issues that lots of people on here are reporting - I just input or search for an address and navigate to it, and I have always found TomTom the best overall satnav app for sensible routing and traffic. Also I appreciate offline maps so as not to be dependant on an internet connection. But none of that is of any use if I can't install the maps I need.
  • DancingBadgerDancingBadger Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Update - it seems to be working now - haven't done anything different, just kept trying. I still think it needs to be a better process, but I suppose once it's done it's done - I hope!
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