How to mount a TomTom GO Basic on the dashboard or air-vent ?

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I have just bought a Tomtom go basic. Looking at the tomtom products and can't find any dash board or air vent mount that is compatabile with it. I don't want to mount it on the winscreen because I have already got a dash cam. Can anyone help please?


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    Thank you very much for your response. I now managed to unclip the mount, changed the direction of the device and reclipped it back so it can actually sit on the dashboard with the device screen the right way up (have not actually installed it in the car yet). Not sure how the suction will work on the dash board so I think I will buy a disk to sit on the dashboard, then use the suction on the disk. Fingers cross and it should fit together.

    Thank you again for your help.

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    I use the Dashboard Mount Disks... Never had a problem using them :)

    This video explains how to rotate the integrated mount of a TomTom START 42, 52, 62 and a TomTom VIA 52 & 62 for Windscreen or Dashboard Mounting

    Dashboard Mount Disks
    Mount your device on the dashboard for optimal safety & convenience

    Tomtom do not recommend the Air-vent Mount for the 6" Models, the Air-vent Mount is only for use with the 5" models, they are concerned about the weight of the 6" devices on the air-vent slats