Why is the 6250 GPRS disconected all the time ?

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I have a big problem with the new device TomTom 6250 , i had an old 6000 and i used to pay the live trafic and cameras every year , i have used it for years and I can say that maybe it had from gprs signal once or twice in Spain in a very bad signal zone , but I bought the new 6250 half a year ago and I’m completely unsattisfied of it , as it loses that gprs signal almost every day in completely ridiculous zones ( city’s ) normal flat roads , sometimes after I start it up it takes 3-4 hr to get it’s damn signal , I tried to shut it down / get the address again / hard reset it / sleep / WiFi on and of so it gets live trafic , it’s useless . It gets on my nerves as you pay for something but you don’t get what you payed for . It’s a scam , the other Tom Tom that u payed each year u never had problems like this , so my question is , does that model have a better antenna than the last mode that u have everything for life ? Also I don’t know what to do with it , i fell like smashing it to pieces almost every day .


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    Hi Ghostproject

    Welcome to the community and sorry for the late response.

    Did you get this sorted already? If not I would suggest that you contact the customer service to check the SIM status.

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    No , I still haven’t solved my issue , how can you check the SIM card status ?