New car will probably have a navigation system I don't want.

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It does have Google Play & Apple Play. I have GO6000 with updates on everything for life of unit.
I could simply stick it on the dashboard but would prefer to load TomTom to come up on the screen, what do you suggest and would it update everything for life as my current unit does?


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    Hi @dig345

    I use CarPlay with my Apple SE. You will need to have IOS13 on your phone for CarPlay to work and on my car when I connect the phone I can make and receive Phone calls and play any music on the phone. The Tomtom GO Navigator App has lifetime Traffic and Cameras and NDS maps which are updated roughly weekly. There is an annual subscription for the App.

    The display is very similar to the GO6000 except it does not have the route bar detail but does display Cameras including Average Cameras at the side of the road display on the screen as you travel along except you are currently not shown what your average speed but the road is coloured to differentiate its being an Average Speed section. You can set the App up to give you similar verbal instructions including cameras as you approach them.

    You can add and delete maps as required and they cover large parts of the world. Europe is for example divided up into the various countries, with some countries spit down further into regions, so you only need to download the bits and crossings needed.

    Here is a link to the Tomtom Go Navigator App for iPhone

    The development of the App will depend on what Templates Apple provide for the app that developers can use to provide the displays etc they want.

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    Hi @dig345

    You will need to have IOS13 on your phone for CarPlay to work...
    Hi Doug, not sure about that iOS13 requirement. CarPlay was introduced way back in iOS7 and the Tom Tom Navigator app only requires iOS11. Maybe it's different in the States though?