Replacement strap - TomTom support a complete joke

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Does anyone have the same problem?

Two years ago I purchased a tomtom spark. At 300 Euro it was cheap. But the strap keeps breaks. Again and Again and Again.. 6 TIMES - at a cost of Eur 190+ to replace them all.

Good news it gets shipped within 4 working days when you pay for

In that time Tom Tom only once funded a new strap. Last October it broke again. I was furious - Another strap After muliple complaints they agreed to replace it. Thats where the story begins. I was told it takes 2-4 weeks. Alas that is only a guideline. I am still waiting and waiting and waiting.

Four months waiting. The case was closed by TomTom. They dont repond to a new case raised by me.. So they can tale Euro 500 of money but will not take responsibility for their poor poor poor product.

So has anyone else experienced the ru bbish service of TomTom ???



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    Considering that TomTom Sports went out of business over two years ago, stopping all production and development and cancelled the strap replacement program I am not surprised you are not hearing anything. The watch and strap are out of warranty and they stopped producing new straps two years ago so there are probably none left. At this point it is time to move on to a new watch, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives with better feature sets out there that are much more durable.
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    I've no problem tfarabaugh if they would return all the money I spend on the device. I bought the device two months before the business unit was discontinued. That didnt stop taking Euro 100++ on replacement straps!!!!

    I'd happily take a refund!!!!! You dont expect to buy a new product and for the support to be discontinued. You don expect to buy a replacement strap in September for it to break in October.......And then when a promise is made to replace it, nothing happens.

    Time to move, fair enough. CAN I have my money back ? Or at least some it?
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    At least in the UK, straps are still being replaced up to 21 months after watch purchase (having recently had a warranty replacement approved).