Incorrect car speed shown

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I have a start 25 and sometimes it shows the cars speed incorrectly.
So, I'm driving say on a motorway, perhaps travelling at 70Mph. The sat nav is working fine, I then slow down to say 50Mph and the sat nav still shows 70Mph, and stays showing 70 for a few minutes and then it shows the correct speed again. Then it seems to work fine for a while, updating the speed as the car changes its speed.
Any ideas why this occurs?


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    HI @MrGLWatson

    Try a Soft Reset ie with the unit on and working Hold the ON/OFF button down until you hear the drumroll sound then let the button go.

    If this does not work

    Tap The screen
    Tap Settings
    Tap Reset factory Settings
    I think you can select a reset that does not affect your data etc on the device.

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    Thanks, I'll give that a try
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    Be aware that in average speed zones your device will display, in your route bar at the side, your average speed from the start of the zone, not your current speed ;) That is if you have a route set