(go5100 with build-in sim) sending destinations with app + GPX file

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Hi all,

I am going to USA with a Europe version go5100.
I have heard that traffic is not working in USA. :'(

But does the go5100 have connection with the sim in USA ?
I always send my destinations from my phone to my go5100, does this still work ?
Also want to use GPX files. I know how to send them to the go5100 with the PC when i am in Europe.
But can you access the route when you don't have sim-connection ?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @driel24

    Welcome to the community!

    TomTom Services, especially Traffic is regional specific. So it will only work in the region where the device was purchased.

    The route sync (over the air) requires data connectivity and it won't work when you are in USA.

    But as a workaround, you can save the GPX files on a memory card and import them to the device. See the detailed steps provided in this comment (@YamFazMan)

    Vikram :)