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Hi can anyone advise on which map I need to download for Orlando, Florida, USA coverage thanks.Im planning a trip to Disneyworld Orlando and wondered which map was best.


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    Hi @Sean07

    You can cover what you want if you download the USA map which is just over 6gb. If you currently have the Europe map on the device and no extra memory card fitted then the USA map will not fit. If you add a Micro SD Class 10 memory card , I would recommend a 16GB or maximum 32gb which is a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source to avoid fakes then you will be ok.

    One suggestion I would make is that you download either the Equador or Iraq map to your device and leave it lying there as a keeper. The reason is if you operate the device with only one map on it such as Europe if there is a problem during an update you can lose the map and then you have no map on the device to enable it to start. With the small map there in the event of problem you can just restart the GO520 and reload the lost map.

    Once you have loaded the USA map then you go to Maps in Settings and select Choose a map to change to the one you want.