Voice instructions via Car speaker

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I have read all above comments but I can't get instruction sound from android phone to play through car speakers when radio is on. I have tried all the output options in the list but can only get instructions through car system when using Media streaming from phone. As listening to the car radio must be the source of choice for the majority of people I can't believe tomtom have failed to find a fix to the problem.
I paid for one month to try the app but won't be renewing if the imminent update doesn't fix this.
Even if the app was free I still wouldn't use it.


  • schneidernet
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    Actually, it seems like you need a new car. It works fine for me.
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    I am not sure this is a TomTom issue as you select as Source that the car media system "plays". I guess most car systems only interrupt for a phonecall via Bluetooth.
    @schneidernet, How does your setup work when you listen to the car radio and the phone generates a notification from the TomTom app ( or any other sound for that matter) ?
    I just listen to music from my Phone and then obviously get the notifications from the TomTom app, which works really well.
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    Ah, that's the rub. It pauses the music. I disconnected my phone from the radio as TT guidance disrupted the music.