How Do I Turn Off Intelligent Routing?

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Intelligent Routing isn't working for me on either my Rider 550 or 520.. I am not a White Van Man nor a Traveling Salesman so can tolerate being stopped for a few seconds.

I am totally hacked off by the Intelligent Routing taking me off the road that actually goes through my destination to then have to hack my way along crappy little tracks and through cramped housing estate roads to pop out on to the original road more often than not at a very difficult junction. I've been taken two sides of a triangle just to save a few yards of 30 mph road. Those two sides may have been rated 60mph on paper but the reality was barely 25mph.

On a route up from Poole in Dorset to Salisbury the route got narrower and narrower and not much wider that my bike. These roads had heaps of gravel down the middle, mud everywhere,, had blind corners and I was expecting a tractor any moment.

Really need an OFF option on the Intelligent Routing. Failing this a "No Crappy Little Roads" option.

A long drive at the mercy of the Intelligent Routing feature is really exhausting and potentially lethal. Have never fully understood the "Eco Routing", never used it. I need an option that will offer "An Easy Route" which stick to the bigger roads with no rat-running.

I seem to pass too many signs telling me "DON'T FOLLOW SATNAV" because there be Dragons or more usually impossible little roads.

Agreed there's a "No unmade roads" option which for me is on becuase like many bikes my tyres aren't suitable.

I do not believe there is user data available yet to support most of these clever routes. It is likely that the algorithm only has the mapping data available. By default these crappy little tracks are set to 60mph so get favoured as faster routes. In my experience many of these route max out nearer 25mph.

The "Shortest Route" is similarly useless again because of poor mapping data where what was once the old road and is now a big layby is recorded as being so short it defaults to zero length so that's the way route takes. One "shortest route" took me off the main road to a junction, right under the main road then left back onto that same busy main road at a real bitch of junction.

The "Fastest Route" can be similarly frustrating defaulting to the very long way via motorway just to save a few minutes. This faster route can turn into a car park in an instant so isn't worth the few minutes saved. Avoiding Payages (Tolls) in France forced me off every free motorway and back onto the crappy little roads. Useless!

I remain convinced that these clever Tom Tom people are sat in their offices patting themselves on their back for being oh so clever but never get out here and find out how bloody frustrating their kit can be.

Could do a lot better.

So, I am open to suggestions and if anybody here has the ear of those TomTom people please feel free to give them a real ear bashing until they agree to listen to their users and improve their products for drivers NOT managers sat in offices.

And another thing... I'm hacked off with their customer surveys that only ask about how much I love and have confidence in the Corporate TomTom and not ask anything about the products.


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    Things may get better in the far future because of the autonomous cars that will lead to maps and navigational software of greater precision and more up to date...

    Until then, IMHO, the only way to ride as / where you want is to pre-plan your routes, double-check everything, design them as needed with MyDrive or other apps like Tyre, MyRoute-app, etc that offer more tools to make the job easier and then load the itinerary/route or track to the device...

    That’s how I use any satnav device or software.