How to have custom POIs displayed in MyDrive Web?

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I cannot seem to get MyDrive to recognise the contents of a custom .ov2 POI file I've imported into MyDrive. It doesn't show any of the locations (within the .ov2) on the map, and none of them are picked up by the 'Search' or 'Plan Route' functions within MyDrive.
  • To import the .ov2 POI file I created, I used MyDrive and went: My Places > POI Files > Import POI file. This results in the the name of the imported POI file being displayed in MyDrive (My Places > POI Files).
  • After the above, the POI file seems to have sync'd with the Rider 550 device I own, as the locations within the POI file are displayed on the device under 'My Places'. So this appears to be working as expected.
  • Despite the above, I double checked the integrity of the .ov2 file by using POIEditor, ITN Converter and Tyre, all of which were able to import/export the POI file and display the contained locations without issue.
  • For MyDrive, I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 10, tried both beta and standard editions of MyDrive but makes no difference.

I've tried searching, but can't seem to find anything for/against MyDrive showing the actual locations contained within an imported POI, but it's certainly inferred that it should do since the 'Search' and 'Plan Route' features within MyDrive do mention enter POI, so I would expect them to recognize any imported. Surely part of the benefit of being able to import POI's is so you can use them for route planning?

Am I doing something wrong here?


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    I'm not aware of any Route planners that allow you to install YOUR OWN or 3rd party POI Categories and use them for route planning

    The Workaround I use.... its a two stage process using the device & the MDW Route planner to Sync the POI locations to the MDW Route planner for inclusion in the route

    Stage (1)... On your NAV4/5(Wi-Fi) Device
    Tap the 4Dot (.... Menu) --> MyPlaces... Select a POI Category e.g... National Trust
    The Main search area turns blue and "National Trust" is offered with a flashing cursor
    Continue typing the name of the required "National Trust" site, Type dud(maston) (Or as much of the word that's required for Dudmaston Hall appear at the top of the National trust list
    Tap on Dudmaston Hall... A Quick Menu opens... Tap on the 3Dot Icon... Add to my places
    Rename the MyPlace or Tap 'Add' to accept the offered Name
    Dudmaston Hall is synced to the MyDrive Web Route planner

    Stage (2)... On the MyDrive Web Route planner
    Open MyPlaces... Left click on Dudmaston Hall
    The MDW Map zooms into Dudmaston Hall
    Right Click On the blue Dudmaston Hall Icon

    If you are starting a new Route you're offered....
    'Use as a Starting point'
    'Plan a Route'

    If the Route is all ready started you're offered....
    'Add a Stop'

    I tend ignore the Menu that opens... And simply Left or Right click on the Blue MyPlaces Icons

    On the device, you may need to occasionally edit/tidy the MyPlaces list

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    Thanks YamFazMan, appreciate you taking the time to post.

    After much googling and playing round in MyDrive, I've got to say I'm left somewhat disappointed about the lack of features (coming from basecamp previously). It's definitely user friendly and very slick, but between the problem and other niggles, I've resorted to using MyRoute-app. That, I feel, is what TomTom MyDrive should be like, but despite MyDrive being out a while, it still seems to be sorely lacking functionality. Hopefully that will change in the future!

    Also, good bike choice btw :) my box-eye is still going and I love it!
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    You're welcome
    Mine is a Box-Eye + Twin HID Headlight Conversion B):)