Connected with runkeeper but data cannot be exported or saved in format for importing to other apps

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I have successfully connected with acis runkeeper and have also been able to download tomtom running data under zip format. However, the data cannot be exported to runkeeper, nor can I use the zip format data to import to other apps such as garmin which requires gps or crv format. Any other methods can be suggested? Basically I want to export tomtom data to other apps. Thanks.


  • lampard
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    Hi @kelvinb2b

    Welcome to the Community! If I understood this correctly, you want to import the activities which you downloaded in zip format to other sites?

    If you've already configured 'Runkeeper' on Sports website, your new activities (not the old ones) are automatically uploaded to TomTom Sport. See here

    Also, have a look at this post from tfarabaugh which explain the exports in more detail:

    Regards, lampard
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    Many thanks, Lampard. You are right. I want to export data to other site which is garmin as I shifted my tomtom watch to garmin one. I have data for last two years at tomtom which I have not figured out on how to export it to garmin. I found that I can export tomtom data to runkeeper. I followed all the instructions and even though tomtom and runkeeper apps are connected, the data was not exported. I also downloaded tomtom data to PC on zip format but this cannot be exported to garmin app. I will continue to try and I appreciate more input with my explanations of my objective here. Thanks.
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    Go to your account and under Settings> Manage Account> manage Data you can download zip files with all activities as gpx files. which can then be manually uploaded into Garmin. There is no way to transfer them in bulk automatically.