Poor redirection after a motorway closure

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M56 closed tonight. My new premium go X could not direct me to the next open junction. It continued to try to divert me back to the closed junction after I ignored some 30 instructions to turn left and then make a u turn.
It also first directed me to a dead end in the back streets of Bury. My Google maps immediately found the way. But it took the TomTom some 18 miles to catch up. Seems this new nav is suffering from the same problem that the 2001 version did. It sticks to its pre planned route for far too long.
The 2001 version some times took 150 miles and lots of ignored instructions prior to realising it was wrong.
Surely if the driver is ignoring it's instructions, it should start a new route from the current position after say 10 instructions?
Lot of money for an inferior product it seems to me. Has anyone else had this problem? Or is there a setting I may have missed. Needs a no u-turns setting or something.


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    For what it's worth, if you cancel the route and then just go back into "Recent Destinations" and choose the destination again it will plan from where you are and not try to take you back to the original planned route (unless going that way is the fastest way).

    I do find the behaviour a bit odd though. Sometimes the device will tenaciously try to get me back to the planned route even when it's no longer the fastest way to my destination. Other times I choose to go 50 meters out of my way to stop in a store and it assumes the road I was supposed to turn onto must be closed and takes my 5 miles out of the way. Very inconsistent.