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I have a new Via 1525 I just purchased. I got it mainly to monitor traffic as I do deliveries in the Boston area all day. I connected it to the computer and did the MyDrive connect thing and everything seemed to go ok. While it is connected to the computer the unit says Network status-Connected and shows the MyDrive is activated. Problem is as soon as I disconnect it from the computer to use it in a vehicle the Network status becomes Not connected and the MyDrive is unactivated and I cannot monitor Traffic. It is supposed to have Lifetime Traffic but I need the Network status and MyDrive to be connected/activated for that when it is in the vehicle.

Am I missing something? I've been trying all week to get the traffic working on this thing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Rick


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    Not sure if the traffic is linked with the problem, but you may need to sign into My drive in the Tomtom Services on the device
    Menu / Settings / My Drive. or Services? Not sure lf of which you have on yours.
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    Hi @PITBULL11

    If @pelham89 's suggestion does not resolve it then contact Customer Support and sort out your account with them. Do not answer the questions but wait for an agent to answer.

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    Hi @PITBULL11

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    The connectivity to get LIVE traffic information on VIA 1525 you need to connect it to an RDS-TMC supplied with the device.

    Vikram :)
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    Are you using the supplied RDS-TMC lead and is the device tuned into an FM (RDS-TMC) Broadcasting Station....

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    Found out on another forum that I'm suppose to pair the device with a phone to get the correct signal for traffic. I didn't know this. Will try that out and report back here how it goes.

    Thanks for all your help, Rick