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disable Charging Station updates

IMAPOIIMAPOI Posts: 27 [Master Traveler]
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Hi all
Does any one know how to disable Charging Station updates...
its 63 mb and i dont have an electric car
I can hide it from the screen but I dont want to waste my data on something I dont need or want.
Have tried turning off, but it comes back

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  • IMAPOIIMAPOI Posts: 27 [Master Traveler]
    Hey @VikramK
    Thank you for your help on this.
    Ev update has now been removed from my device.
  • IMAPOIIMAPOI Posts: 27 [Master Traveler]
    Hey again @VikramK
    I have a new device - the supreme
    same problem..
    can i ask for ev removal from my new device, same account
    thank you...yet again
  • IMAPOIIMAPOI Posts: 27 [Master Traveler]
    Any news
    I have contacted "support"
    And received a very generic reply..twice.
    Told this device cannot have ev charging station poi removed ( uninstall) with the updates @ 95mb :s
    If i cannot remove these poi option from my device, and I turn off ev updates, why does this "supreme" keep turning on these updates back on
  • IMAPOIIMAPOI Posts: 27 [Master Traveler]
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