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Rider 550, Bluetooth and Siri

chris24pcchris24pc Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
I have a Nolan N-Com B901K headset connected to my iphone X and my TomTom 550 Rider. All 3 devices have the latest firmware updates.
The problem I am having is the Bluetooth connection between the TomTom and my iPhone. Sometimes the phone symbol (Bluetooth connection) shows on the TomTom and sometimes it doesn't.
I have read all the advice on the forum and cleared my cache, deleted all 3 bluetooth devices, and re-paired them exactly as suggested.
On the rare occasion that the Bluetooth connection between the TomTom and my phone works, I press the little telephone symbol on the screen of the TomTom and Siri gives a little ding. However no matter how clearly I speak she always says 'sorry I don't understand' but Siri is working correctly on my phone.
All of the spoken traffic directions are working perfectly on my headset and I get a loud warning when I am approaching a speed camera.
I always have the 'my drive' app open on my iPhone.
I notice from other links that you may be aware of this problem and may be issuing a software update to fix it. If this is the case, when is this likely to happen? as the phone communication is vital to me.
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