My drive app is constantly asking to connect to rider 550, how do I switch that off?

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I have a bear permanent notification from TomTom MyDrive app and the app icon has a green marker showing something needs attention....but it just seems to be an endless request to connect my rider 550. Oddly enough I only use it occasionally so this is fairly annoying. Is there a way to stop it doing this?


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    Hi @Martin0642

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    Which is the phone model and software version?

    The version of MyDrive App?

    Did you already try a reinstall?

  • Martin0642
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    The MyDrive app is v2.7.0
    The phone is an HTC U11+ running Android 9.0

    Yep - tried change.
  • Martin0642
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    Quick update...... I just uninstalled MyDrive. I recently spent a day on a training course in London, so my phone wasn't used for most of the day and I wasn't even in the same county as my TomTom rider. Got on the train home to find I had less than 30% battery left. A quick check revealed MyDrive had used nearly 50% of the battery. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. So it's gone.

    I'm aware of the potential issues around some phones and low level Bluetooth but that's ridiculous. It makes MyDrive unusable in any practical sense. I'll try pairing the rider to my phone through normal Bluetooth routes and see if I can then add MyDrive back in but otherwise. . That app is gone. Having to rely on the phone for data connections seems ludicrous.
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    I don't have or use an Android phone
    Maybe this will help ???